If you have plans of moving to nairobi or your hubby has been offered a job there, you be facing this muddle of how the lifestyle in nairobi would be like? or may be scared by the news of carjacking or robbery empting the city out. Read More


Although it was two years back but still seems to me as being a few days ago, my trip to lagos was reluctant yet when i landed the surface, Read More


Kinshasa is a place that offers a mix of modernity as well as conservativeness. the fact would be more evident when you would be seeing the favelas as well as the boulevards. Read More


Khartoum is the biggest city of sudan which is aptly known for the ravishing views of river nile it offers. but if any one of us is offered to have a long term stay. Read More


Johannesburg in africa is aptly famous for its wild life safaris and golden cheetahs specifically. the city is known as one of the magnificent tourist destination in the world, Read More


You may have heard many mixed things about harare like, some goes like it is the worst place on earth while others admire the well-being of people and the cheap cost of living. Read More


Entebbe the capital of uganda is filled with many unbelievable attractions and dramatic places which can surely make youre your stay in entebbe mesmerizing and wonderful. Read More

Dar es salaam

Dar es salaam is a richly exotic place when it comes to its being a tourist destination, bustling with countless attractions and almost everything you wish precisely to exist on your holiday. Read More

Addis ababa

So having some plans of shifting or just need to plan a vacation! the capital of ethiopia is probably the most accurate place to be but with a diversity and a variety of life. Read More

Celebrity cruise to present late night adult comedy on board

Here comes good news for those planning to sail with celebrity cruise, keep your fingers crossed as an award-winning comedy show is announced to be presented on selected cruises of celebrity cruise line to maximize the entertainment of guests. Read More