The 11th routes asia event to be held in mumbai

The annual routes asia event is very important for all the airports and airlines as it provides valuable and useful insight into the aviation management. Read More

The holiday and travel show held in london

Recently, the holiday and travel show was held in london. this show was a sort of spree dedicated to those who were intending to plan a holiday for them and decide which place to visit. Read More

International jazz festival montreal 2013

Get ready all the music-lovers out there as the most exciting, the most thrilling, and the most enchanting international jazz festival montreal is coming your way! Read More

Hong kong arts festival 2013

The 41st hong kong arts festival with a wonderful series of programs and showcasing asia top talents has already been started in hong king from 21st february. if you havent been to hong kong yet... Read More

The gathering ireland 2013

If we call irish the liveliest nation and most concerned for their nation fellows all over the world where ever the irish people are settled, it would be no wrong. Read More

The desert festival jaiselmer

India is rightly called the land of festivals with such people, who are always willing to celebrate little as well as bigger things in a splendid way whether it is the melaas in the countryside or carnivals on the sandy white beaches Read More

International yoga festival

Exhausted with the monotonous routine and want to overcome anxiety by broad perception and broader insight? this is the time to collaborate your body heart and mind into stir of calm and soothing delicacy. Read More

Fairytale hall disney world finally scheduled to open in 2013

The opening of new parts of fantasyland in disney world has been rumored from a long time. and the speakers from the disney world have been telling that it would be opened Read More

Taj mahotsav india

It would be no wrong to call india as the country of festivals and celebrations, with many vibrant and colorful events tumbling over the event calendar one after the other. Read More

Middle east luxury travel show, melts

Uae, being, high-end, multicultural spot, has been positioning itself among the most coveted destinations for all major events and premiers. Read More