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    St Georges, Grenada (OYP)


    La Coruna (LCG)

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    Stopover: La Coruna (LCG)

    London Heathrow (LHR) to La Coruna (LCG)
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    La Coruna (LCG) to St Georges (OYP)
    • American Airlines (AA)
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Explore the prettiest harbor at West Indies this summer and bring a tinge of freshness to your vacations. So book flights to ST Georges Grenada this time and discover the beauties and ravishes of St Georges that is simply beyond imagination. Off course you deserve an escape to an indescribably beautiful place away from all the sultriness, and no other place can be as much solacing as St Georges in this context. So get ready to grab some real good time and view some of the most exhilarating scenic attractions that tend you rejuvenate you. See some of the most charming of Georgian architecture and brink and stone buildings with slanted red tiles at the roof and rusted iron balconies! The city seems to be a sheer oblivion! But still the forts and museums, Anglican Church, Market square and Fort George boasting French layout gives a new meaning to the exhilaration.

Having a walk at the inner harbor on Carenage at or along the waterfront, with a pedestrian plaza to enliven your senses, consider sipping a rum or grabbing a delicious hamburger is simply too great to be put into words. Cruising can also prove to be refreshing, or you must simply discover the underwater sites at the astonishing Under Water Sculpture Park, the key features of which include the lively and colorful marine life and coral reefs more vibrant than life.

Spare a day just to witness the dazzling artifacts at the Grenada National Museum. It may be interesting to know that the building of the museums has also been used as the islands first museum! So get affected by the Carib and Awarak artifacts boasting an exciting corpus. Come out in the dusky evening and stroll passing by the House of Parliament and Sendall Tunnel.Tickets to Grenada are easily available and you must spare few hours of tranquility while the sun is all set to risen up in bright in the sky to spend at the Garden Bay, happier than ever at dawn, to feel pep up. And where you wish to get a flavor of excitement , Mount Maitland is perfect for hiking, biking and trekking, once you are at the top of the mount, the views from above the ridge is irresistible. St Georges is an increasing traveling trend boasting an extensive and bustling range of attractions, the reason why these far off places are becoming popular among visitors is the untouched scenic beauty and pure atmosphere where there is no contamination of rush.