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    London Heathrow, United Kingdom (LHR)



    Santa Cruz, Bolivia (SRZ)


    Madrid (MAD)

    £360/ Adult

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    Stopover: Madrid (MAD)

    London Heathrow (LHR) to Madrid (MAD)
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    Madrid (MAD) to Santa Cruz (SRZ)
    • Iberia Airline (IB)
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The Santa Cruz Vacationer Details Heart is situated inside the Abitazione de Gobierno on the south roads of the town's main Plaza (24 de Septiembre) immediately next to the Financial institution of Argentina and Aerolineas Argentinas workplaces and immediately across from the top side access of the Church. This used to the structure of the prefecture which has now shifted to another place. These days its developing constantly house retail govt workplaces and the small tourist information center which contains charts, guidebooks, and catalogues of all types.

The Santa Cruz Place Stage of Commerce has a long history of advertising the Santa Cruz area to vacationers around the world. From advertising the Color Special trains that brought vacationers from over the hill in the Thirties to making Santa Jackson a meeting center in the 50's to helping improve Santa Jackson Nation companies after the 1989 earth quake, the Stage has been dedicated to building the success of our visitor-serving members. These welcome and retail companies provide places to stay and food to vacationers, bring visitors to our area to enjoy the attractions, lure them to our shopping regions, and help them plan memorable marriage ceremony, meetings, and conventions in Santa Cruz Nation. You can easily move to all the enjoyment of the Santa Jackson Boardwalk, only 200 toes from the Coastview Inn. There you can find the pleasure of journey trips, free stay shows and more amazing enjoyment from arcades to acrobatic shows.

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