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    London Heathrow, United Kingdom (LHR)



    Apia, Samoa (APW)


    Singapore (SIN)

    £1018/ Adult

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    Stopover: Singapore (SIN)

    London Heathrow (LHR) to Singapore (SIN)
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    Singapore (SIN) to Apia (APW)
    • Singapore Airlines (SQ)
    • Economy Class
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Are you one of those you have visited many popular tourist destinations, but could not find the desired serenity anywhere? Then this time go for a place which is not really popular as being the tourist destination but which guarantees to cool down your eyes and relax you senses by the quietude unspoiled natural beauty. Book your cheap flights to Apia and start packing up, because the capital of Samoa, does not only boasts exhilarating beauty but also being a beautiful island it offers a perfect holiday retreat.

There is a lot excitement and a lot of thrill you would encounter reaching Apia, the attractions are so attractively lively that you do not need to think about anything else and just have un-limited fun! The calendar of Samoa is full with events and anniversaries happening all around the year, providing its people to abundant chances to rejoice! The beaches in Apia are the perfect beaches, Take out time to visit Lalmanu beach, located a bit outside Apia, which is your gateway to heaven. The beaches offer you exquisite opportunities of unwinding with breath-taking weather and clear sky. The pristine waterfalls have their own charisma, and the lush green tropical and rain forests and majestic landscape have just no answer! If the beauty if Apia is to be summed in few words, that would be beautiful beaches, alluring landscape and just the perfect weather! Snorkeling, surfing, walking, diving and fishing just go side by side with all the excellence. Easy accommodation and good mobile and rad network makes Apia an ideal location with all the amenities.

Apia is also great for those who wish to explore the scenic features of Samoa. Papapapaitai Falls is breath-taking. In Apia markets you can find every type of stuff and goodies, want to buy gifts, or just want to eat out, you would find everything on earth in the luminous markets! Papaseea Sliding Rock is another natural wonder in Apia, located inside a waterfall. So wait no longer and get a get tickets to Apia now to arrange a commendable holiday where you find yourself completely mesmerized and taken aback by the spectaculars of the island. So just pack up your bags as with a trip to Apia all your travelling and holiday woes have come to a nice conclusion.